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Hello 👋 I'm Kathi and a freelance social media and marketing specialist.😍

My grandma probably always saw this coming. No pen, no piece of paper and no scrap of fabric was safe from me. I made something out of everything. Probably at some point my grandparents no longer knew where to hang all the creative outpourings. 🤷‍♀️

What does that have to do with my current job? Lots if you ask me. Only the media has changed a bit. 😉

Let's bring your very special talent and my creativity together!

Katharina Groß - kagroovs - Wuppertal

My road to Marketing and
Social Media

Some people aren't so lucky when it comes to their studies, but I happened (?!!) to find just the right thing for me: I studied Catering, Tourism and Hospitality Services. Suddenly, my inquisitive nose found itself in subjects like hospitality, tourism management, gastronomy, business administration and marketing. That was really varied and practical as well. You have to know, that I love languages and traveling. So, my years at university were like winning the lottery!

At my first job, I went straight into the thick of things. I ended up in the marketing department of a tour operator. It depended on my advertising materials whether customers became aware of our brand and perhaps even booked a trip! All the strategic stuff behind the scenes was also exciting. From B for budget to C for content management to T for target group analysis.

Then I spent three years at a start-up, rolled up my sleeves and helped build up the internal sales department, the back office, the company organization, exports and marketing. I don't think I've ever learned so much in such a short time!

And now comes the beloved break in the resume: I quit! And moved around the world for a year and a half with Work & Travel. To Portugal and to Ka-na-daaaa! I worked in hotels and restaurants, perfected my English and expanded my people skills. In service, you get to know people - and your target groups, if you will - up close ...

Back in Germany, permanent employment and I tried it together for another year. Okay, it may not have been the most ultra-cool industry for a creative mind like me ... But hey, even auditors and tax consultants need professional marketing! In my free time, I quickly put my overflowing energy into further training as social media manager at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

And voilà, here I am! Ready for you!

Katharina Groß -Marketing Assistance

Marketing Assistance

When we work together, we get results and have fun together! What, how? Yes, I've learned what a crucial difference it makes to be joyful about what you're doing. And did you know, for example, that the brain only spits out the really good ideas when you're relaxed? The under-the-shower moment ;) Let's crack this potential together!

I'm 100% involved in your project, exactly to the extent you need me. You can simply decide on a suitable package or bring me on board on a project-by-project basis. I will quickly become familiar with your world, that is my daily bread.

Don't be shy to contact me with whatever marketing assistance topic you have. I'll also clean up your address list, which has been neglected for years ;) We will find a solution for everything, and I like to address things clearly, so that we can tackle them as soon as possible.


Kathi in private

If you have read this far, you will now find out why my brand is called kagroovs;) You remember my creative-crazy childhood days, don't you? I used to perform on every musical stage that came my way back then. Not only crafting and writing, but singing was, no, is my gateway to the world. So, without further ado I added the word "groove", representing my love for music, to my company name kagroovs = Katharina Groß Virtual Solutions

I love rhythm and music. I love to feel the energy flowing through me, and most of all I'm fascinated by how singing just makes me relaxed and happy! The WDR program "The Best Choir in the West," which has been around for a few years, brings that across well. Would you have thought that one million Germans are members of a choir? Wait, please don't get off on the wrong track. The choir example was just for illustration. I sing with friends, in an ensemble and solo, and I take singing lessons.

Well, and I can't get away from the travel bug. I would love to see the whole world! Free, independent and as deep in nature as possible. In Canada my car with a roof tent is still waiting for me. Who knows when I'll finally be able to fill it up and hit the road again! Will you keep your fingers crossed for me?

Contact me!



Kagroovs LLC
2880 W Oakland Park Blvd
Suite 225c
Oakland Park, FL 33311

+49 151 7458 6273

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