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There is absolutely no shame in feeling like you are losing your edge when it comes to social media. It may seem like you’ve only just gotten used to one new channel and the next one pops up! Allow me to help you find which platforms are relevant for you and your company, and how we can best get in touch with your future clients!

Simply outsource social media:
for self-employed people and companies

  • Finally, no more rash quick fixes!
  • The content pays exactly to the agreed strategy
  • I manage your communities and channels continuously
  • The complete content bilingual German-English on request
  • My support in exactly the scope you need - choose your package!

Bye-bye advertising? Hello ...
life improver!

Today, Hans and Franz are well informed and are no longer taken for fools. You can score points on social media with much more than just product features and facts. Let's give your customers real reasons to choose you or your product/service. Benefits that show how you improve their lives!

Content Creation Short & Sweet

Do I need a social media strategy?

Yes, you also won’t get on a train without knowing whether it will take you to the right destination. Let's clarify who you want to reach (keyword target group) and what messages you want to get across. We'll build your social media strategy on that.

How does an editorial plan work?

Once we have clarified which platforms and channels are really relevant for you or your company, we work out which topics and messages should be published on them. Since every channel works slightly differently, an editorial plan for LinkedIn, for example, can look completely different from one for Instagram. In the editorial plan, we record what is to be communicated when, where, and how. And what content may need to be produced for this purpose or whether other content can be (re)used for this purpose (keyword repurposing).

And do you then create all the content for us?

Yes and no ;) I can post everything, "hashtag" it and complement it with texts. Or I do so-called content repurposing and transform existing content so that we can then use it - in another channel, in another context. Example: I turn your e-book or video clip into several social media posts.

However, the image and video material itself comes from you. If you want, I can help to get suitable experts for image and video productions on board.

Speaking of "hashtagging": Sorry, the word is not yet in the dictionary ;) For each content post, I research the relevant hashtags (e.g., #icelover or #gardening) and bring your content to people who follow these hashtags. Depending on the situation, the development of an own hashtag is also interesting for you/your company, for example a brand hashtag like #mybmw or #aidamoments #whtsbf.

Do you also answer the users' questions?

Yes, if you want, you can outsource the community management to me. There are two things to consider here: On the one hand, it's about answering questions or commenting on user entries (reactive). On the other hand, we can also proactively build up your community by me visiting other sites in the name of your profile and drawing attention to your profile there.

You work in German and English?

Yes! I have already worked in different countries and can therefore also take care of your social media content and community management in English. This saves you time and coordination loops.

And what's the point of all this?

You're right, it's important that we measure and evaluate the success of social media activities. I can also take care of the monitoring and reporting for you.

Hourly Packages

Individual lesson bookable on request!

*Pursuant to Section 19 (1) UStG, the amount shown does not include VAT.

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